SnowBear Snow Plow


  • Electric winch raises and lowers plow blade during use
  • Available in 3 blade sizes: 82″,84″ or 88″
  • Switch between three different blade angles for maximum utility
  • Tension springs allow plow blade tip forward when hitting objects, reducing equipment damage
  • Attractive black powder-coat finish prevents corrosion and rust
  • 2″ front mount hitch for mounting sold separately
  • 1-Year Warranty


When you attach a SnowBear Snow Plow to your truck, your neighbors will look on with envy as you clear your street and driveway without breaking a sweat. This plow attaches to your truck using any 2″ front mounting hitch (sold separately) and costs as much as a snowblower but with the added benefit of complete mobility. Unlike a snowblower, you can easily clear nearby streets in addition to just your driveway.

This SnowBear plow is engineered for personal use, making it a cost-effective solution to snow woes. Plus, it’s constructed to be the ideal weight for day-to-day personal plowing. The plow’s electric winch – which hooks up easily to your battery – allows you to raise and lower the blade from the comfort of your cab. The plow’s heavy-duty tension springs absorb impact and protect the blade when you inevitably run into a hidden object in the snow. The plow also features a built-in deflector that keeps snow from obstructing your visibility.

With the SnowBear Snow Plow attached to the front of your truck, roads and driveways are easily cleared from even the heaviest snowfall. Winter won’t stand a chance. Backed with a 1-Year Warranty.


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